Solar Mobile Turbomachinery

Solar Mobile Turbomachinery

Fast and Easy Installation For Mobile Power

Solar Mobile Turbomachinery (SMT) is the best solution for oil field power, remote power and trailer power in the industry, and in emergencies such as natural disasters where quick power is essential. The single trailer design is a complete mobile power plant with wide fuel composition flexibility. This solution is based on the 5.7 MWe Taurus 60 gas turbine generator set – a proven industry standard. The SMT60 is ideal for scalable blocks of power.

The SMT60 is powered by the Taurus 60 engine, which has been powering the first electric fracturing (e-frac) fleet since 2013. This solution is a leader in dry low emissions and has the widest well-head gas fuel flexibility in the industry. The fully integrated modular power plant is also Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant. Some important facts about the Taurus 60:

  • Introduced in 1987
  • Over 2,000 units sold
  • More than 300 million total operating hours

As an original equipment manufacturer, Solar has the most 5MW gas turbine units operating in the world. The SMT60 provides 5MW of scalable power for e-frac, gas gathering and processing, electric drilling (e-drill) and well completions, microgrids and oil field commissioning. The SMT60’s mobility and quick deployment can help provide clean and temporary power in emergency events.

This solution is supported by Solar’s extensive field service support, and condition-based maintenance using Insight and/or long-term service agreements.

SMT60 Datasheet



Solar Mobile Turbomachinery Components


  1. Electrical Equipment Compartment (EEC)
  2. Medium Voltage Compartment
  3. Generator Compartment
  4. Generator Ventilation Inlet Filter
  5. Turbine Compartment
  6. Integrated Air Inlet Duct and Filters
  7. Exhaust
  8. MV Connection Point
  9. SoLoNOx™ Gas Fuel System
  10. Auto-Leveling Jack
  11. Enclosure Ventilation Fans
Solar Mobile Turbomachinery



Park, Plug and Play

The single trailer with fully integrated design is completed in Solar’s shortest set-up time – less than six hours. There are no crane lifts involves, which makes it easy to coordinate relocation. The SMT60 includes an auto-leveling system and has only three main connections: medium voltage, black start, and gas fuel.

For Remote Locations

The SMT60 generator packages are engineered for the challenging demands of drilling and well completion - compact single trailer design for high power density with a small footprint.





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