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Solar builds complete turbomachinery packages that are ready to go to work...no matter where the job might be worldwide. Solar designs and manufactures gas turbines and packages under various quality systems ensuring the highest reliability.

Explore our Solar Mobile Turbomachinery (SMT) for a complete mobile power plant ideal for short-term power generation requirements. The SMT is designed for projects that guarantee a quick set-up and reliable operation, and are based on proven standards; Solar’s Taurus 60 and Titan 130 gas turbine generator sets, ranging from 5MWe to 16MWe. 

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Cogeneration Calculator

Use this cogeneration & Combined Heat and Power (CHP) calculator to quickly estimate your company's annual energy savings, along with the carbon emissions you will eliminate with our turbines.

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Combined Heat and Power Plant - Veterans Administration Hospital

Read how Solar Turbines Mercury 50 recuperated gas turbine helped the VA hospital in San Diego provide emergency power and millions of dollars in emission offset credits due to best in class emissions.

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Combined Heat and Power Plant - Pulp and Paper Industry

Solar’s Mars 100 Gas Turbines enabled the Arctic Paper company to switch from coal fuel to locally available gas while meeting important energy requirements.

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