Modular Solutions

Modular Solutions

Oil and Gas

Gas Turbine Modular Solutions

Solar's standardized and versatile gas turbine-based modular plants minimize on-site civil works and offers shorter installation times.

Whether trailer-mounted or in single-lift containers, Solar’s modular power plant solutions are easily relocated at any time.

Solar’s complete system solution offers:

  • Standardized modular design with compact footprint
  • Reduces design, construction, and installation time
  • Reliable, low-cost, onsite continuous duty or peaking power
  • Repowers new or aging facilities and augments existing plants
  • Wide ambient range and high dust environment options


Modular Compression

Solar’s modular compression solutions enable cost and schedule predictability using pre-fabricated and standardized compressor package designs. Pre-tested and pre-wired modules are provided as configurable blocks and packages, helping you bring together a highly functional compression station with minimal time spent on-site. To help with flexible scheduling, the gas turbine can be installed in the early or late phases of construction. Our modular solutions reduce project risk, help control capital cost, and create a highly standardized execution platform to offer predictability for your project, operations and maintenance personnel.


Greater Cost and Schedule Predictability

Solar’s modular solutions products change the nature of site stick build construction activities, shifting from labor-intensive activities to much simple assembly tasks. The use of modular, pre-fabricated equipment saves time, results in a decreased risk of schedule delays, and lowers project costs. 

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Case Studies and Solutions

Mobile Power Unit - Majnoon Oil Field
Mobile Power Unit - Majnoon Oil Field

Read how Solar's Taurus 60 MPUs supply power for Iraqi oil fields, managed by Shell.
Energy Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Energy Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

More about Solar’s compressors, turbines and modular solutions serving every application in the oil and gas industry.
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