Titan 350 - 35 MW

Titan 350 Mechanical Drive Package

The Titan™ 350 is a world class highly efficient gas turbine designed for the gas turbine mechanical drive market in the 47K-52.5K hp range (35-39 MW). This product has robust design features based on the proud legacy of the Titan product line and is well suited for driving compressors and centrifugal pumps for the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets.

Titan 350 - 47,000hp Mechanical Drive Package

ISO Performance/Specifications

Power 47,000 hp 35,000 kW
Heat Rate 6250 Btu/hp-hr 8845 kJ/kW-hr
Exhaust Flow 820,080 lb/hr 371,980 kg/hr
Exhaust Temperature 860ºF 460ºC
Combustion System SoLoNOx (DLE) Conventional SoLoNOx (DLE) Conventional
  • Introduced in 2022
  • 41% Efficiency, Shaft
  • Modular Package Design
  • Wide Fuel Range Including H2 Blends
  • High Power Density, Improved Availability, Durability and Serviceability
  • SoLoNOx Low Emissions Options at 9, 15, and 25 ppm NOx on Natural Gas
  • Available for Compressor Set, Mechanical Drive and Generator Set Applications
  • All Packages Capable of InSight Monitoring System; Global Fleet Connectivity
  • Supported by a Worldwide Customer Service Organization

Titan 350 Gas Turbine Mechanical Drive Package Data Sheet

Titan 350 Mechanical Drive Package, 47,000 hp

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