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Taurus 70 PG - Generator Set

The family of Taurus™ gas turbines represents years of intensive development by the engineering and manufacturing groups at Solar and offers many advanced features.

ISO Performance/Specifications

Power 8180 kWe 8180 kWe
Heat Rate 9955 Btu/kW-hr 10,505 kJ/kW-hr
Exhaust Flow 213,350 lb/hr 96,775 kg/hr
Exhaust Temperature 945ºF 505ºC
Steam Production 36.4 - 159.5 klb/hr 16.5 - 72.3 tonnes/hr
Axial Exhaust Yes Yes
Radial Exhaust
SoLoNOx Yes Yes
Ultra Lean Premix
  • Introduced in 1995
  • Leverages Design Experience of Taurus 60
  • High Efficiency, Simple-Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Designed for Long-Life Industrial Applications
  • Low Dry Emissions (Optional)
  • Designed-In Maintainability
  • Depending on the operating conditions, an extended time between overhaul is available


Taurus 70 Gas Turbine Generator Set – Power Generation Data Sheet

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Combined Heat and Power – Harvard University

The Blackstone Power Plant at Harvard uses Solar’s Taurus 70 gas turbine and heat recovery steam generator to produce electricity and 70,000 lbs/hr.

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