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Reliable and Sustainable Power For Your Data Center Operations

Data centers are the backbone of the digital age, powering the applications, services, and technologies that we rely on every day. As the demand for data centers continue to grow, the need for reliable and sustainable power does as well.

Microgrids (sometimes called live wire) and primary power plants can utilize a range of sustainable fuels, including hydrogen, renewable natural gas or biomethane or HVO (Hydrotreated vegetable oil), to provide data centers with the resiliency and sustainability they need to support their continued growth.

With the capability to utilize a wide range of sustainable fuels, Solar will ensure that your data centers are powered by our resilient and reliable power generation package solutions


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Prime Power

Efficient and reliable power even with unavailable or unreliable grids

In many data center Tier 1 locations like Dublin, Loudoun county, Tokyo, and London, the growth of data center construction has outpaced power generation and power transmission planning, resulting in a power deficit.

We offer sustainable and high-efficiency configurations that align with the phases of data center construction. Our microgrid or primary power plant provides maximum resiliency and efficiency throughout the entire data center construction process. Here are some options:

  • Modular generating units, Power Generation Module (PGM), ranging from 6MW to 8MW or larger 16.5 MW units
  • High efficiency, high power density scalable combined cycle available in 15 to 30MW, 20 to 40MW, 40 to 80MW modules
  • A mobile primary power plant, Solar Mobile Turbomachinery (SMT), available in two power ranges, 6 MW and 16 Mwe

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Sustainable and reliable energy 100% of the time

The data center industry is a significant purchaser of green electricity through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to minimize its impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Due to the unpredictable nature of variable renewable sources like wind and solar photovoltaic, it is necessary for energy providers to store the generated electricity for delivery when needed.

While a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) investment can provide a solution, it may not be a practical option due to the amount of energy to be stored and its high cost.

A solution to this challenge is to leverage the fuel flexibility of gas turbine data centers. These data centers can use alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, biogas, biomethane, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Bio-Propane, or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) to deliver green electricity when variable renewables are unavailable. The primary power plant can also enhance the DC sustainability in the local community by being able to support the regional power utility grid with frequency restoration services or deliver hot or chilled water to the neighborhood.

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Sustainable and reliable energy
Lower PUE

Lower PUE with combined cooling and power for hot ambient conditions

For data centers operating in hot climates, the need for chilled water can significantly increase operating expenses (OPEX) and DC Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). To reduce cost and PUE, installing an absorption chiller to generate chilled water while producing electricity can be a cost-effective solution, particularly when the price differential between gas and electricity is substantial.

Scalable Combined Cooling and Power Solution includes:

  • Modular PGM (Power Generation Module) gas turbine
  • Chilled water produced either in absorption chillers (direct exhaust and water/steam) or steam turbine driven compression chillers
  • Still with the benefit of high-power density, dual fuel low emissions (15 ppm NOx at 15%O2 and below), lower PUE, green fuel ready (H2, HVO, Biogas), 80%+ thermal efficiency, ability to take 100% load blocks, ability to run in island mode or parallel to the local power grid. 

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High power density, emergency back-up, stand-by power, and dual fuel

Gas Turbines like our Centaur 40  are a reliable and cost-effective option for emergency back-up power generation in data centers.

Gas turbines present numerous advantages. These benefits include:

  • Significantly higher power density compared to 3 MW diesel generators, with 3 MW blocks of gas engines, and even 15 MWe capacity within the same footprint.
  • Quick engine warm-up, with full load achieved in less than 35 seconds for the Centaur 40.
  • Dual fuel capabilities, reducing the risk of fuel supply disruptions.
  • Superior power quality, allowing 100% load block without the need for batteries.
  • The ability to switch between diesel and natural gas on the fly, ensuring low emissions and uptime requirements.
  • Compatibility with renewable liquids and gases, including hydrogen fuel blends.
  • Reduced NOx emissions, with less than 15 parts per million by volume (ppmv).
  • Lower CO2 and NOx emissions, resulting in fewer permitting concerns.

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High power density
Quick Reference Data Sheet
Quick Reference Data Sheet
Sustainable Energy Solutions
Sustainabile Energy Solutions

See how Solar Turbines is committed to climate health with innovative energy solutions.



Solar understands the operational requirements for increasing concentration of hydrogen in fuel and transportation gases and are continuously researching the use of other carbon neutral fuels.


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Methane Reduction
Methane Reduction



Some of Solar Turbines’ customers have been operating on high hydrogen fuel (including coke oven gas) with greater than 50% hydrogen to generate power and steam over the past 10 years.



Customer support extends beyond maintenance and repairs to include broad offerings that help enhance performance and safety, extend equipment life and prevent obsolescence.




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