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Titan 130 Mechanical Drive Package

The Titan™ 130 gas turbine two-shaft for compressor and mechanical drive applications is designed to deliver a simple-cycle thermal efficiency of 36 percent.

ISO Performance/Specifications

Power 23,470 hp 17,500 kW
Heat Rate 6800 Btu/hp-hr 9620 kJ/kW-hr
Exhaust Flow 452,830 lb/hr 205,400 kg/hr
Exhaust Temperature 895º F 480º C
SoLoNOx Yes Yes
  • Introduced in 1997
  • Scaled design from the Taurus 70;  Based on Mars Design and Experience
  • High Efficiency, Simple-Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Designed for Long-Life Industrial Applications
  • Low Dry Emissions (Optional)
  • Designed-In Maintainability
  • 30-Year Core Engine Service Life
  • 30,000 Hours; Time Between Overhaul (TBO) Interval

Titan 130 Gas Turbine Mechanical Drive Package Data Sheet

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