Power From Hydrogen Gas For Carbon Reduction

Companies across the globe are setting carbon reduction goals to reduce GHG emissions. Displacing carbon intensive energy sources with hydrogen reduce the introduction of atmospheric CO2. The products of combustion of oxygen with any hydrocarbon produce CO2 in the reaction while hydrogen combustion only produces water. Increasing demands from many end users such as universities and larger industrial facilities provide further motivation for reducing carbon footprint, but still supplying reliable electricity and heat.

Solar Turbines continues to research and invest in order to understand the operational requirements for increasing concentration of hydrogen in fuel and transportation gases. Hydrogen has many advantages as one of the most versatile energy carriers, which can be produced from a multitude of sources and production modes:

  • Steam methane reforming for conversion to Syngas (H2 + CO)
  • Anaerobic digestion of wet biomass and upgrade to Hydrogen
  • Feedstock gasification and upgrade to Hydrogen
  • P2G (Power to Gas) based on water electrolysis

Overall, Solar has been providing Hydrogen-rich power generation package solutions since 1985 and has logged more than 2 million hours of operation with up to 70% Hydrogen gas (H2).

As market and customer demands come into play, more focus is on the DLE configurations for higher hydrogen concentrations. Our team is committed to operate gas turbine packages on natural gas fuel with increased volumetric concentration.

While building strategies around fuel flexibility and decarbonization, Solar is keeping up with various requirements to reduce carbon. In addition to working toward increasing hydrogen capabilities, the team is looking into using other carbon neutral fuels. Solar invests in researching and providing products that offer safe, reliable and high-performance solutions for our customers.


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