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Centaur 40 PG - Generator Set

Centaur® gas turbines are at work today in thousands of installations both offshore and on land ranging from arctic to tropical zones.

ISO Performance/Specifications

Power 3515 kWe 3515 kWe
Heat Rate 12,240 Btu/kW-hr 12,910 kJ/kW-hr
Exhaust Flow 150,715 lb/hr 68,365 kg/hr
Exhaust Temperature 830ºF 445ºC
Steam Production 19.6 - 112.2 klb/hr 8.9 - 50.9 tonnes/hr
Axial Exhaust Yes Yes
Radial Exhaust
SoLoNOx Yes Yes
Ultra Lean Premix
  • Introduced in 1969
  • High Efficiency, Simple-Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Designed for Long-Life Industrial Applications
  • Low Dry Emissions (Optional)
  • Designed-In Maintainability
  • Common Engine Skid with Centaur 50 and Taurus 60 Gas Turbines
  • Depending on the operating conditions, an extended time between overhaul is available


Centaur 40 Gas Turbine Generator Set – Power Generation Data Sheet

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Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Learn how Solar Turbines helped the US Department of Veteran Affairs reduce utility expenses by providing steam for heat and power using a Centaur 40 cogeneration package.

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