Gas Turbine Ratings

Gas Turbines Mechanical Drives Generator Sets
Turbine Model Rating kW hp kWe
Saturn 20 1185 1590 1210
Centaur 40 3500 4700 3515
Centaur 50 4570 6130 4600
Mercury 50 N/A N/A 4600
Taurus 60 5740 7700 5670
Taurus 65 N/A N/A 6500
Taurus 70 8290 11110 8180
Mars 90 9860 13220 9450
Mars 100 11860 15900 11350
Titan 130 17500 23470 16530
Titan 250 23790 31900 23100
Titan 350 (35 MW) 35000 47000 34000
Titan 350 (39 MW) 39000 52500 38000


NOTE 1: Mars, Titan 250 and Titan 350 are only available in 2-Shaft configurations

NOTE 2: Ratings above are typical new equipment ratings. Additional gas turbine models and ratings are available, including earlier configurations through our Customer Services group.  Please Contact Solar Turbines sales to get a more precise rating for your application and site condition. 


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