Gas Compressor Packages

Solar builds complete gas compressor packages that are ready to go to work in all gas compression and transmission applications, no matter where the job is. Solar designs and manufactures every turbomachinery package using quality and safety systems recognized worldwide as standards of excellence.

Learn how Solar offers a variety of turbine ratings to fit your needs.




Read how we use the latest technology to maximize flexibility and value for compression to provide reliability and low life-cycle costs.


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Gas Compressor Packages



Gas Compressor Calculator

Discover our solutions for your compression needs by applying your process conditions to our sizing tool.

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Production Compressors

The right compressor for your upstream applications. Unmatched high head, high efficiency, and wide flow range.

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Energy Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

More about Solar’s compressors, turbines and modular solutions serving every application in the oil and gas industry.

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