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Solar's TurboFab can help you produce modularized compression or power generation facilities for critical projects, both onshore and offshore.

Solar Single Lift Modules (SLM) deliver plug-and-play compression, power generation, or pumping solutions to your facility. SLM's ranging from 300 to 2500 tons are shipped worldwide from our TurboFab facility, located in Channelview, Texas.

Built to our, or your specifications, each SLM offers significant benefits:

  • Optimized schedule and cost control
  • Full integration of all required systems, substantially reducing the installation time
  • Solar quality control and vision zero safety performance in our own ISO 9001 fabrication yard
  • Typical delivery time frame of 12 months
  • Accessible to our customers for engineering, design and quality checks, as well as pre-commissioning
  • Replication of design promotes standardization
  • Minimizes site footprint
  • Facilitates re-location
  • Facilitates transfer back to Solar for refurbishment / system redesign




Case Studies and Solutions

Construction Services Furnishing Energy Solutions
Construction Services Furnishing Energy Solutions

Single-point responsibility allows Construction Services to manage your entire project scope. This can drastically simplify design, development and construction, thus minimizing the chances for error.
Energy Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Energy Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

More about Solar’s compressors, turbines and modular solutions serving every application in the oil and gas industry.
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