Solar’s C16 family of gas compressors are designed for single-body and tandem applications with the Saturn® 20, Centaur® 40, Centaur 50, Taurus™ 60, Taurus 70, Mars® 90, Mars 100 and Titan™ 130 gas turbines. These compressors combine high efficiency and wide flow range with a robust design and ease of restaging. They are particularly well suited for low flow and high pressure applications.

C16 gas compressors have the latest state-of-the-art technology combined with the experience and reliability that comes with building and installing over 5000 compressors. These compressors are designed in compliance with API 617, a requirement for the severe environments and operating conditions this equipment may encounter.

ISO Performance/Specifications

Stages 1-10 1-10
Maximum Casing Pressure 3500 psig 24,130 kPag
Maximum Flow 2200 acfm 62 m3 /min
Maximum Total Head 70,000 ft-lbf/lbm 209 kJ/kg
Efficiency - % >75% isentropic >75% isentropic
Maximum Speed 23,800 rpm 23,800 rpm
Maximum Torque 34,700 lbf-in 3920 Nm

Production Compressors

The right compressor for your upstream applications. Unmatched high head, high efficiency, and wide flow range.

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C16 Production Gas Compressors Data Sheet

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