SoLoNOx™ Upgrade

SoLoNOx™ Upgrade

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Solar's SoLoNOx technology is a sustainable solution that reduces NOX and CO emissions. Since it's introduction in 1992, Solar has shipped more than 2800 turbines equipped with SoLoNOx low emissions technology, reducing NOx emissions by over 6 million tons. Now, Solar is introducing the next generation of this innovative technology. Advances in combustor liner, fuel injector, and bleed shield design, along with primary zone temperature control are some of the advancements allowing Solar to offer a robust 9ppm NOx, 15ppm CO, and 15 ppm UHC emissions warranty for natural gas fuel. This standard production option is now available for the Taurus 70- 10800, with other models and selected ratings to follow.



SoLoNOx Upgrade Provides Increased Production and Better Emissions Controls

Downtime means lost production. Your exchange engine can also include a SoLoNOx conversion to minimize interruption to your production. By converting to Solar’s SoLoNOx combustion system you can reduce emissions at your site, giving you more permitting options while helping improve local air quality.

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Case Studies and Solutions

Will lower emissions fit my needs?
Will lower emissions fit my needs?

Solar’s goal for Asset Optimization is to respond to our customers’ needs when their operation requires the use of existing assets, have footprint constraints, or require very short delivery time.

Combustion Technology
Combustion Technology

Solar has a long history of installing gas turbines around the world using a broad range of gaseous and liquid fuels, while at the same time reducing emissions.
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