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Improve Your Gas Turbine Package's Performance and Durability

Solar focuses on helping customers get the most production out of their turbomachinery equipment. Partner with Solar to review your gas turbine and compression equipment by identifying  opportunities to boost your operations with improved performance.

With our long history of installing gas turbines using a broad range of gaseous liquid fuels, our team has the ability to enhance your operational flexibility through our combustion technology.

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Options to Improve Your Turbomachinery Equipment’s Performance and Durability Options to Improve Your Turbomachinery Equipment’s Performance and Durability



Burner Acoustic Monitor and Active Control

The Burner Acoustic Monitor (BAM) system was built to continuously monitor dynamic combustor pressure. It is a protective device that proactively adjusts the fuel system and indicates the presence of a condition that should be resolved before turbine damage occurs. This creates the opportunity to resolve an issue before failure and avoids downtime.

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Burner Acoustic Monitor and Active Control Burner Acoustic Monitor and Active Control



Power Uprates

Increasing the horsepower of a Solar gas turbine at the time of overhaul is a cost-efficient way to make business more productive. This solution provides product enhancements during overhaul, or on an exchange engine, to produce additional power output, and enhance safety, operability, reliability and durability.

Power Uprates Power Uprates



Gas Compressor Restage

With more than 4,500 gas compressors installed and over 2,700 compressors restaged, Solar is positioned to offer solutions for your restage needs. Gas compressor restage is the re-configuration of a gas compressor to better match new operating conditions, and includes upgrades to the vibration and seal system. This upgrade optimizes the compressor performance and allows customers to increase process efficiencies while maintaining or improving their production targets.

Gas Compressor Restage Gas Compressor Restage



Turbine Air Inlet System

Solar’s onshore air inlet filtration system enables gas turbines to operate in a broad range of land-based environments. For coastal and inland installations, contaminants vary by location and can include salt, dust, sand, industrial gases, and exhaust fumes containing oil and fuel vapors. Solar continually improves its air inlet filtration system, developing new products that enable its gas turbine engines to operate more efficiently and to extend time between off line compressor water washes.

Power Uprates Power Uprates



Variable Guide Vane and Bleed Valve Actuators

This upgrade provides a complete electric solution for both SoLoNOx™ and conventional combustion engines. The 120 Vdc actuators are designed to replace existing hydraulic or pneumatic-hydraulic bleed valve, or variable guide vane actuators. This provides a consistent, tunable emission and engine controls system solution.

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Variable Guide Vane and Bleed Valve Actuators Variable Guide Vane and Bleed Valve Actuators



Anti-surge and Process Control Systems

Correct valve selection is an essential part of any anti-surge control system. Solar provides analysis and valve recommendations as part of its anti-surge control product. In addition to controls, Solar recommends the type and size of valve required based on the steady state compressor map.

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Power Uprates Power Uprates




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