Package Refurbishment

Package Refurbishment

Equipment Optimization

Package Refurbishment



Solar Package Refurbishment Services


Solar's facility restores and upgrades packages for customers seeking a flexible solution while gaining the operating benefits of improved performance and reliability.

Benefits to upgrading equipment to customer requirements and providing the latest technologies include:

  • Maximizing asset value through modernization of existing equipment
  • Replacement/modification of driven equipment
  • Uprate engine for increased horsepower or regulatory emissions requirements
  • Replacing control system with latest technology
  • Package systems improved for greater efficiency and reliability

Solar’s Package Refurbishment options include:

  • Gas turbine overhaul and performance uprate
  • SoLoNOx combustion system upgrade
  • Driven equipment overhaul or replacement
  • Gas compressor, overhaul, restage and seal system conversions (wet/dry)
  • Control system upgrade and renewal
  • Component remanufacture or replacement
  • Upgrade of package systems (lube, fuel, seal, start)
  • Package enclosure along with fire and gas protection systems
  • Ancillary systems (inlet filter, silencer, exhaust system, oil cooler)
  • New drawings and manuals
  • Equipment warranty coverage equivalent to new packages



Does a Refurbished Package fit my needs?


Solar’s goal for Package Refurbishment options is to respond to our customers’ needs when their operation requires the use of existing assets, have footprint constraints, or require very short delivery time.








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