When Harry Met Solar - Solar News and Press Releases


Solar’s long-term team members are the keys to our success. Recently, our longest serving employee, Harry, retired after 50 years with the company.

When Harry met Solar, it was 1968. At the time, a gallon of gas was approximately 34 cents in the U.S. and Solar was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Harry was a quality test technician for most of his career. He played a key role in many projects and made many dear friends.

It is a company tradition to pass the Solar cane to the longest serving employee. This cane has been around since the early 1970s. Every employee who has possessed the cane has carved their name into it. During Harry’s retirement ceremony, he passed the cane to Solar’s new longest serving employee, Gary. There are 12 names now on the cane.

The Solar team congratulates Harry and thanks him for his 50 years of service!