Still Running After 50 Years

Solar is committed to supporting customers by extending the lifecycle of its products. One great example of this is with Trunkline Gas Company in Louisiana, a Solar customer since 1966. 

Solar installed four Saturn engines in 1966 and a fifth in 1968, and they are still running today. The units pump natural gas from the offshore wells in the gas fields off the Gulf coast and the gas is moved through a nationwide network of pipelines that provides gas to end-users throughout the United States.

Each engine is rated at 1200 horsepower and drives compressors designed to flow approximately 56 million standard cubic feet of gas per day.

Controls Technician and Electrician Bobby Newsom has tended to these engines since 1974. Solar continues to work with Trunkline Gas Company on further enhancing the overall safety and reliability of these packages.

The team is focused on keeping these engines running for another half century!

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