Dr. Cody Allen's Paper Selected as "Best Paper" at the ASME Turbomachinery Expo

Congratulations to Dr. Cody Allen for having his 2023 paper selected as “Best Paper” in the Oil and Gas Applications group at last year’s ASME Turbomachinery Expo, the world’s leading conference on all aspects of turbine technology.  The paper investigates operational optimization for the purpose of extending time between required maintenance outages.  The principal idea is to use estimates of remaining useful life of key components of the system along with mathematical optimization techniques to find optimal running schedules of the equipment such that the running schedule maximizes time between maintenance outages.  This framework has many applications for Solar’s customers and is an example of some of the cutting-edge research being performed at Solar Turbines.

Dr. Allen has been with Solar since 2014 working in Solar Digital on algorithm development and applications of mathematical optimization and machine learning.  He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group.  He has published many technical papers and been a contributor to many patents on Solar’s behalf.  Dr. Allen holds a PhD from UC San Diego in Control and Optimization theory, a Master’s degree from San Diego State University in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Finance.

For the link to the paper, click here

"Best Paper" at the ASME Turbomachinery Expo