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Students And New Grads
Students And New Grads

Internships and New Graduate Jobs


At Solar Turbines, we are dedicated to attracting and retaining next generation talent. Our interns and new graduates work on projects that impact our business and the future of our company. With offices and facilities around the world, our recruits will collaborate and connect with Solar employees on a global scale.

You will be welcomed into a workforce that powers the future with innovative ideas that you make a reality. Join our team of experts in engineering, manufacturing and operations, sales, supply chain, environmental health and safety, human resources and more!


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Our Internships

We offer internship opportunities that gives you the flexibility to continue to work on your degree. Students join the Solar team for meaningful and challenging projects that allow them to work alongside industry experts. If you have already achieved your goals on campus, we welcome you to join our team. We offer internships for both students and new graduates in the following areas (including but not limited to):

  • - Engineering (Mechanical, Manufacturing, Aerospace)
  • - Accounting
  • - Human Resources
  • - User Experience Design

Internships Solar Turbines
Internships Solar Turbines

New Grad Programs

New Grad Engineering Rotational Program

The Engineer Rotation Programs provides the foundation for the future success of Solar Turbines engineers and the future success of the organization. The purpose of the program is to start the development and training of the next generation of highly capable and highly competent engineers through a 24-month engineering rotation program.

Customer Services New Grad Engineering Field Service Program

This program requires a three-year commitment from the successful individual. The first year of the program is spent training and the subsequent two years as a Field Service Representative assignment to one of Solar’s domestic field service offices.

Student and New Grad Programs
Student and New Grad Programs

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Solar Turbines 通过发电用涡轮机械和由电机驱动的压缩产品和套件为您提供最佳的能源解决方案。 我们种类丰富的解决方案使您设备的可用性、耐久性和价值在整个寿命周期内都得到最大化。






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