Industry Applications

Power From Landfill Gas and Other Alternative Fuels

Solar has a history of supporting renewable fuels, committing research and development toward modifying our turbines to burn various low energy fuels efficiently, including the following:

Coke Oven Gas (COG) – Waste to Energy

COG is a byproduct of the coking process used in steel mills. It is high in hydrogen with significant dust and corrosive pollutants. This waste product is captured, treated and used as fuel for the gas turbine. The gas turbine in turn produces both electricity and useful thermal energy from this gas thereby reducing local air pollution.

Digester Gas

The process of treating waste water results in the production of digester gas. This is a methane-rich gas that can be used to produce electricity and heat the digester tanks, where the digester gas is produced. The facility can reduce its consumption of grid electricity and fossil fuels. In some instances, waste water treatment plants have become energy independent, providing all of its own needs.

Landfills – Waste to Energy

The decomposition of trash in the landfill naturally produces a methane gas that can be burned to produce electricity. Thousands of Megawatts are produced this way every year around the world, representing power production that did not require the use of fossil fuels.




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Case Studies and Solutions

PEI Power Corporation – Pennsylvania
PEI Power Corporation – Pennsylvania

Learn how this company now produces 30 MW of electricity from landfill gas thanks to two Solar Mercury 50 Gas Turbines.
Jinneng Chemcial - Coke Oven Gas
Jinneng Chemcial - Coke Oven Gas

Discover how this chemical manufacturing company uses a Solar Taurus 60 Gas Turbine to reduce CO2 emissions by 40,000 tons per year.
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