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As an industry leader, environmental compliance and sustainability are strong drivers of Solar’s product design and development programs. Solar offers solutions to meet your sustainability goals.





Dry Low Emissions (DLE): SoLoNOx Upgrade


Using Solar’s SoLoNOx™ technology, customers are able to maintain a cleaner environment to reduce emissions. SoLoNOx™ is an option for natural gas fueled gas turbines rated at 3.5 MW and larger, including the Centaur®, Taurus™, Mars®, and Titan™. It utilizes lean-premixed combustion technology to ensure a uniformed air/fuel mixture, and controls the combustion process to prevent unnecessary emissions from forming.

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Hydrocarbon Abatement System


Solar has developed a modular hydrocarbon abatement system. This system mitigates the effects of fugitive greenhouse gas emissions from the primary seal vent on Solar’s centrifugal gas compressors using dry gas seal systems. The modular solution leaves the compressor operation unchanged without jeopardizing the safety, reliability, availability and efficiency of the equipment.

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Hydrocarbon Abatement System




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