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Package System Upgrades



Package System Upgrades for Optimal Performance


As part of the complete OEM solution, Solar offers Package System Upgrades for your turbine, compressor, mechanical-drive, or generator package sub-system.

Package System Upgrades provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective mechanism to revitalize and enhance your Solar turbine package. The Turbotronic® control system and pre-engineered fuel modules are designed to take advantage of the latest advancements in turbine technology.

We provide both engineered upgrades and standard retrofit kits that enhance safety, reduce downtime, and maximize operational efficiency.


  • Improved safety performance
  • Designed to meet customer needs
  • Minimal downtime
  • Off-the-shelf option minimizes design and development time
  • Extended life cycles




Can you get better performance?


You rely on Solar Turbines turbomachinery and the Package System Upgrade options so equipment performs at peak capability with the latest technology advancements.

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Case Studies and Solutions

Hydrocarbon Abatement System
Hydrocarbon Abatement System

This Hydrocarbone Abatement System helps Solar Gas Compressors reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Dry Seal System in support of stringent government regulations and customers' internal environmnental impact goals.
Compressor Dry Seal Booster System
Compressor Dry Seal Booster System

The Compressor Dry Seal Booster System protects your dry gas seals by delivering clean gas during compressor pressurized hold conditions, and is more reliable than pneumatically driven systems.
Extreme Duty Offshore Air Inlet Filtration Upgrades
Extreme Duty Offshore Air Inlet Filtration Upgrades

Solar gas turbines operating in extreme duty environments require a more robust level of protection against high concentrations of airborne contaminants.
Invest In Your Machinery
Invest In Your Machinery

There is value hidden in your turbomachinery. Our wide range of machinery improvements can help your older packages last longer, produce more, and attain the latest standards of performance, efficiency, safety and compliance.
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