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Improving Gas Compressor Restages


Overhaul and restaging of Solar gas compressors is part of our core expertise and, based on our unique understanding of the design characteristics of the equipment, you can be confident the work will be done correctly and there will be no risks of the equipment not performing. Compressor restages provide the benefits of improving head-making capabilities, surge margin, gas production efficiency, increased flow range, and prolonged system life.



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If you’re looking for a way to increase gas compression profit, you may find it in your own equipment. Restaging or overhauling your compressor could substantially improve performance and bring dramatic return on investment.



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Case Studies and Solutions

Oil Production increase and gas well life extension
Oil Production increase and gas well life extension

Typical oil or gas field will decline after period of production. The declining field often requires compressor to supply higher head (pressure ratio) to keep the production. Restaging compressors can help to increase oil/gas productions or extending the lifetime of oil/gas fields.

Extra Capacity for Pipeline Transmission
Extra Capacity for Pipeline Transmission

A compressor running in choke conditions could be the bottle neck for the gas pipeline. Restaging the choked compressor with larger flow configurations can improve the through put dramatically. The restaging increases the pipeline capacity without increasing the horsepower that often needs new permission.

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